Current Prices
Manual Block
1 hours £30.00 10 hours £290.00
1½ hours £45.00 15 hours £427.50
2 hours £59.00 20 hours £560.00
Automatic Block
1 hour £32.00 10 hours £310.00
1½ hours £48.00 15 hours £457.50
2 hours £63.00 20  hours £600.00
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A Driving Course tailored to suit you.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a partly trained driver Andrew can tailor his tuition to your needs. Everyone is different and Andrew will adapt to each pupil delivering the right Course for you. Being patient with you and building confidence in you is Andrew’s strong point as the testimonials on this site will confirm. Andrew does not train drivers on Intensive Driving Courses because it does not suit his training model and he does not consider it to be an effective way to learn such an important life skill. However, Andrew is happy to discuss individual needs that encompass a wide range of drivers. Simply give him a call to discuss how you can get on the road to independence.