Andrew Pitt Driving School

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Manual Car 

Learning to drive will give you the best feeling, doing something you’ve dreamed of for years, whether leading up to your 17th Birthday or whether you’ve left it a while and feel that now is the right time to learn. Andrew’s calm, patient, approach will ensure you reach your goal having been taught by a Grade A instructor who specialises in coaching you as you learn, helping you to develop your driving skills. Perhaps you are a little nervous or suffer from anxiety, well, you don’t need to worry about a thing as Andrew will help you overcome any difficulties you may have. Andrew who has many years of experience dealing Asperger’s syndrome, severe anxiety and special needs conditions. Andrew’s VW Polo1.6 TDI SE is such a great car to learn in, so versatile and sympathetic to every driver, enabling you to become a safe driver with the least fuss. Fitted with all the comforts a modern car can give you will enjoy every lesson you have whilst on the your road to independence and freedom. Just take a look at the reviews left by former pupils to understand Andrew’s teaching style, so don’t delay, call him today for that first driving lesson!  

Automatic Car

Learning in an automatic car will immediately take away any fear of gears and clutch control since the automatic does not have either of these tools. The car will simply change gear on its own according to how much pressure you give the accelerator pedal. Sometimes people want to switch from manual to automatic after a few years or another person may have a physical difficulty in using a manual car. Those who wish to get going on the road in the simplest way would do well to learn on an automatic car and Andrew can give you all the help you need. Andrew’s VW 1.4 Polo Match  is an ideal training vehicle which is dual controlled and just waiting for you. For those people whose partner has stopped or needs to stop driving, learning to drive in an automatic car can sometimes be less stressful whilst you come to terms with a change in circumstances. Andrew hopes to relieve the pressure this places on individuals by providing an alternative way of learning to drive and looks forward to helping another sector of the public gain their independence and freedom.