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Covid 19 Update September 2020                                                                  Precautionary measures

Once again we are in lockdown as far as driving lessons and tests go.  We do expect to return to teaching in early December and await further guidance from the Government about how this will happen.  Meanwhile those who had tests booked for November will not be able to take them.  I have taken the initiative of liaising with Pupils to re-arrange their practical tests to an alternative date.  

Unfortunately, this will result in further delays as those with tests booked will have to take priority.  New starters will again need further patience before they can begin learning to drive.  

Andrew Pitt Driving School is accepting new enquiries, although any arrangements made will be subject to Government Guidelines and, as we have seen in other parts of the UK, the government could change guidelines at a moment's notice.  Your continued patience is appreciated as the Driver Training industry tries to come to terms with the new ‘normal’.

Thank you to all those who have contacted me, I will keep you updated as often as I can.

Guidelines are changing all the time so please be patient. If you have any concerns and wish to call me, I will be pleased to help. 

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