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Andrew is a consistent Grade A Driving Instructor authorised by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

Learning to drive may be one of the biggest decisions you’ve ever made so far, whether 17 years of age or an older person who has been putting this off for so long, getting on the road will change your life for ever! Just browsing the web to find this site may have taken guts but here you are, so well done. Have a look around the site and then get in touch. Andrew can help you on your road to freedom & independence – why not give him a call.

A few words from a delighted Pupil:

Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for teaching me to drive!  I enjoyed and looked forward to every single one of my lessons.  Your calm and kind approach to teaching really made me feel at ease and confident when driving. I will miss our conversations and anecdotes, I wish you all the best for the future. 

P. S. I can confirm that you are the best Driving instructor in the Southwest!